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Stress is one of the main contributing factors for most illnesses today, due to the hectic lifestyles we all lead, we don’t allow ourselves time to eat correctly or relax because there is always something to be done. This however has a negative effect on our bodies and in many cases leads to illness, back or shoulder ache, irritable bowel syndrome and some other common disorders. Holistic therapies have been known to alleviate the symptoms and may even help the sufferer pinpoint the problem as well.

At touch therapy I am here to help you by relaxing the mind, reviving the body and restoring the spirit, allowing you the ability to cope with whatever the days and weeks ahead bring. All of the treatments are very relaxing and are tailored to suit each person’s needs as everyone is different.

If you are feeing stressed, worn out or just feel you need time to yourself then you should try one of the treatments. Contact Anita at Touch Therapy to discuss which treatment would suit you best.

Morning, Evening and Saturday appointments available......

Castledermot Co. Kildare.