Reiki Workshops Level 1

I had attended a level one workshop with someone else before, but did not feel very confident afterwards I decided to try Anita’s workshop and found it very Informative and very practical, I found it easy to ask question and Anita is very approachable, loving and warm person, Great Guide & Instructor. I am looking forward to our monthly share meetings.

M.P Wicklow
A weekend that changed my life, I feel uplifted and ready to face anything, I feel that I can now look at things in a completely different way. The course was relaxing and comfortable, I felt that I really connected with the group and know I can keep in contact with them at the monthly share meetings.
K.B Kildare
I really enjoyed the weekend, I didn’t want it to end, Anita is a very friendly open person, she has a very calming effect on people, she is easy to talk to and great at explaining and simplifying things, I can’t wait to tell everyone what I have learned and am looking forward to going onto the next level.
G.G Wicklow
Absolutely Amazing weekend, I have learned to open up to an amazing new way of life, I feel uplifted and exhilarated at the same time, looking forward to the next level.
M.K Kildare
Thank you Anita, I had a fabulous weekend, it has brought about self-awareness, it was relaxing and energising, I feel more positive about myself, this was defiantly what I was meant to do.
K.M Carlow

Reiki Workshops Level 2

What a day, I would recommend Reiki to anyone, I found the course very informative, warm and friendly, it was very detailed and uplifting, Anita is a very passionate and professional person and give plenty of time and individual attention. I am looking forward to using what I have learned and find the Share night very helpful. Many Thanks

Liz, Dublin

Thank you so much for taking me gently by the hand and leading me though my journey to help heal myself and other. I had a wonderful day and feel like I have been away for a week, I am really looking forward to meeting again so.
M.B Wicklow
A gentle transformation from Reiki 1 to Reiki 2, it was regenerating and just what I needed, I love the 21 stones, if feel it is going to help me to start to move on with my life.
K.B Dublin
I feel like I have taken a huge step in the right direction in my life, I was not sure before I came today, but I now have no doubt in my mind that this is for me. It was a lovely relaxing course, I found Anita easy to talk to and very easy to listen to, this is something I will recommend to anyone to do, especially if like me you feel stuck, Thank you for a wonderful enlightening day.
M.J Kildare
Loved it, Loved it, Loved it, this was a most enjoyable course, relaxing atmosphere, really informative and a lovely Reiki Master, I feel energised and ready to go. Looking forward to meeting everyone from the course again at the next share night.
JM, Wicklow

Monthly Angel Meditation Workshops held in Glosna House

Venue; A lovely Venue, great colours, vibes and healing energy, lovely space,
Instructor: Anita ~ Friendly as always, great person to do a workshop with.
Course: 1/2 Day Angel Workshop: A great day, exactly what i needed # a good balance of meditation, discussion & learning.
General Comment: My first time at Glosna and I will be back for more, there is something magical about it.
Michelle  (Dublin)

Venue: I love Glosna House, the energy is wonderful
Instructor: Anita Manning, very easy and comfortable, makes the afternoon enjoyable
Course: 1/2 Angel Workshop: A really lovely class love it very much, learned a lot and would love one every week
Anne  (Kildare)

Venue: Premises very conductive to providing realxation and time out from "hetic schedule"  
General: Opportunity to explor and participate in meditation and relaxation techiques and share time with other people with similar interests
Cathy (kildare)

Venue: My First visit to Glosna, the centre is really nice and very calm & spiritual.
Course: 1/2 Day Angel Meditation
General Comment: I enjoyed the class very much, relaxing, fun and very informative about the angels.
Marie (Kildare)

Venue: Really beautiful, peaceful, nurturing enviornment in a fabalouse premises and ideal location (even if i did get lost)
Instruction~ Totally wonderful, genuine & sincere
Course: 1/2 Angel Meditation, a beautiful day's meditation with the Angels
General Comment: I had a truly wonderful afternoon the will restore my energies for many weeks to come, I look forward to retruning to Glosna House

Venue: Glosna House, my first vist and am already looking forward to coming back next month, there is something very special about this place. Just love it.
Course: 1/2 Day Angel Meditation: A wonderful afternoon of relaxation, feel on top of the world
Insturctor : As always super, great to be in Anita' company, she makes you feel so realxed, has great knowledge and very inspirations
Vanessa ( Carlow)