....are beings of light they are neither male or female, they exist on a different vibration frequency, which is why we are unable to perceive them normally, people very rarely see an angel as per the pictures we see today with the big wings, as we raise our vibration frequency the angelic realm can lower theirs which allow us to connect and communicate with our Angels, people can sense their presence, some hear them, while others encounter them in their dreams and visions.

Angels are around us all the time, watching over us and waiting for us to call upon them for help and assistance.
So what is Angel Energy Healing I hear you ask, it’s simply where I connect with my guardian angel, healing angels and spirit guides and ask them to help me to connect with your guardian angel and spirit guides to help in your healing process, then through meditation and prayer and various techniques such as Cord Cutting, Karmic Release and any other process we feel is necessary at the time to help heal the situation that is causing the problem.
Then we fill you body with beautiful healing light and balance your charka system, helping to give you body the energy it needs to recover, we then seal your energy system so that you can hold onto and benefit from it for as long as possible.
To finish we then do an Angel Card Reading, to see what your Angels want you to do to help you move forward.
As we are all individual, each person’s experience is different, however most will say that the feel like they have lost weight or that the feel lighter, some will have seen loved ones who have passed that they did not get to say goodbye, others just feel a sense of calm. But all agree it has been a wonderful worthwhile experience.