Treatments Offered

Stress Buster:                                         €40.00
This is a back, neck and scalp massage using blended oils which focuses on the point where you hold your stress. This is excellant if you suffer from trapped nerves, stiff muscles or an aching back

Rahanni Celestial Healing:                     €40.00
This is a beautiful new healing energy, working with angels and ascended masters, it works on healing the heart and solar plexus helping to release any fear and negativity being stored in the body, working on the pink ray of light it also balances the head and heart leaving you feeling calm and peaceful.

Reflexology:                                           €40.00

HotStone Full Body Massage:                 €55.00
This is a blissful head to toe treatment, Hot Basalt Stones are placed on key energy points of the body and then the body is caressed with warm stones inducing a state of deep relaxation and rest.

Calf's & Legs Massage:                           €30.00
This is designed to release the calf and leg muscles which feel tight and heavy especially after training. Ideal for anyone who trains on a regular basis. Legs feel lighter and free again

Ultimate Relaxation Treatment:           €75.00
This is the ultimate in pampering. A full body massage using blended oils, combined with a hand and foot massage and mask. A neck, face and scalp massage, followed by a blanket wrap and you are then given some time to rest and relax.

Hopi Ear Candling:                                   €45.00
An ancient native ritual this is a deep relaxing treatment which is excellent at relieving the pressure and pain associated with sinus pain and ear problems

Seichem/Reiki Energy Healing:               €40.00
Reiki is a gentle but powerful hands on healing art. It works on many levels, relaxing the brain and helping us to release things from our past so we can move on iwth our future. It can help with many illnesses including depression.

Angel Healing Therapy                            €40.00

This beautiful treatment involves connecting with your angels allowing them to channel their healing energy through me into your body. This is a very powerful yet gentle and relaxing and peaceful treatment.

Angel Card Reading                                €35.00

This is a wonderful way of connecting with and receiving messages from your angles to help you on your life path. Can be positive and uplifting


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